Your design. Done in a day.

Let’s power through your to-do list with our ultra-efficient collaborative process. Whether it’s a brochure or book design, logo or event invitation, you’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in one day (or less!). 

Traditionally, when working with a freelance designer you may find yourself frustrated with the endless back-and-forth communications and delays. You just want your project done, and done well. 

VIP Design Days are a simplified service where you book one day of our design schedule to be solely dedicated to your project. Depending on the amount of work to be done, there is an option to book either a half day or a full day.

9 AM - 12 PM or 12-3 PM EST


  • Flyer/Ad(s)
  • Bifold Brochure
  • Book Cover
  • Invitation
  • Social Media Graphics
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9 AM - 3 PM EST


  • Logo & Branding
  • 6-8 page brochure/magazine
  • Fundraising Campaign
  • Book Typesetting
  • Packaging
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9 AM - 3 PM EST


  • 8+ Page Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Calendars & Program Guides
  • Complex Book Design
  • Custom Projects
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Flat Fees

No waiting for an estimate and agreement, or receiving invoices for more than expected. Our VIP Design Days are secured with the push of a button and a flat fee, no matter the project.

Quick Turnaround

Our VIP Design Day gives you priority attention so you can plan on your project getting that day!

Thorough Prep

To make the VIP Design Day most efficient, we do all the prep work beforehand. You’ll have some homework to do, too, like making sure all the content and specs are finalized before we get started.

Undivided Attention

When we block out a day for you and only you, we’ll avoid the typical pitfalls of distraction, multi-tasking, lost momentum and emergencies from other clients.

Play-by-Play Updates

Gone are the days of wasted hours (and dollars!) on designs you don’t like, as your designer goes down different paths. We’ll send screenshots via Whatsapp (or email if you prefer) as we make our way through your project. You’ll have plenty of chances to speak up, so we can change direction if needed.



Choose a day on our calendar where you will be available virtually to review designs and answer questions. Ensure you have a few days to prepare, and secure your day with payment.



Once you’re booked, look out for an email with a link to your client portal. There will be a google drive folder for you to upload all your project content into, and we’ll be in touch if there are any other specific files or information needed.



For new designs we kick off the day with a mood board of color schemes and inspiration images. (If you already have established branding, or are continuing a project, we skip this step.) Then we power through your project, sending you screenshots as we go!



Viola! Design work is done with no stress, no hassle, no long timelines. If for we weren’t able to tie up everything on the design day, we reserve an additional hour the following day for any last tweaks or wrap up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you get the design done so fast?

With over 13 years of experience, I’ve learned the best ways to streamline the design process. We also maximize efficiency by making sure all the content is finalized before design begins, and by making sure the client is available in real time before the design happens. By getting into the design “flow” and eliminating distractions, it’s amazing what can get done! 

How far ahead should I book?

You can book as far ahead as you’d like, to ensure that your preferred date is not taken. Please make sure that you can guarantee that everything needed for the project (whether that’s finalized text, photos, sponsor logos, etc) can be provided at least 24 hours before your scheduled day. If we don’t have your content by 24 hours in advance, your design day will need to be rescheduled. 

Do I need a full or half day?

Half days work for flyers (possibly multiple flyers if it’s a simple design), ads, simple brochures, invitations, and book covers, web/social media graphics.
Full days work best for multi page brochures/newsletters (up to 8 pages), logo & branding packages, crowdfunding campaigns, and book typesetting & design (depending on length), or packaging.
For longer brochures or magazines (over 8 pages) estimate an additional half day for every 4 pages (so a 16 page magazine would take 2 full days).
If you have a custom project that’s not listed here, feel free to schedule a call to discuss it.

What if we don’t finish everything?

Great question! It’s important to remember when you book a day you’re booking time, not a specific set of deliverables. I’m committed and capable of completing work quickly and efficiently, however sometimes projects take longer than anticipated. An additional hour of padding time is included the following day for any edits or tweaks. If you need more than that, we can look to book an additional half or full day.

How does payment work?

Full payment is required to secure your VIP Design Day. Your payment is not refundable, but your VIP Design Day can be rescheduled if needed. 

What if I need to get the designs approved by a committee or board?

VIP Design Days are best suited for a single decision maker, since it is a collaborative process throughout the day. However, if you are are able to make the decisions but just need a “sign off” from a board or committee, we can do the initial design in a VIP Design Day, and then send the draft for approval. Once we get feedback from the board, we can make any last tweaks, or book another half day if additional revisions are needed. 

Can you design my website in a day?

Right now we’re focusing on print design for VIP Design days. However, if you have an existing website and need something like banner images, custom icons, or social media templates those could be worked on during a VIP Design Day. For a quote for a full website design or redesign email click here.

Let's discuss your project and see if a VIP Design Day is a good fit!